Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Haven't written a post in a while...

I am as much a writer as I am an actress, and when I don't write, it's usually because I'm trying to keep from dealing with something. Things are moving along for me career-wise, but I have family issues that I'm trying to ignore.

Anyhoo--I'll go deal with that on my own and spare you the details. I do want to tell you that I was put on avail for a Western Union commercial (shoots tomorrow and they didn't call me to tell me how desperately they need me, so I guess I didn't get it). Sucks, but with each "almost" I'm getting better and better. I audition quite a bit.

In addition to being with Coast to Coast commercially, I now have theatrical and print representation as well. I am represented theatrically by Carol Oleesky and my print agent is Melanie Raymundo, both of Privilege Talent and Literary Agency. Dallas Travers of Sage Marketing still does my marketing. I expect things to be hopping for me around pilot season. It's time.

Everything that I put on my "goals" list at the beginning of the year has come to fruition. I am blessed. Yes, I worked my butt off also, but I know I am blessed.

I still want one more commercial before the year is over.

(never satisfied...)

Talk to you later.


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