Friday, March 24, 2006

The 3 Rs...

Relax, Regroup, and Re-prioritize! Yesterday was my last day wrapping out the 37th NAACP Image Awards, so that's one more thing off of my plate. I've been overwhelmed by all of the things I've had my hands in lately (as well as family issues), so I've been slowly stepping back from them so I can move forward even stronger than last year. And get rid of the bags I have under my eyes right now!! Today I was such a bum. I stayed on the couch for about 75% of the day.

This past Monday, I shot the Amoeba Music spec commercial. It would be wonderful if it gets picked up. Yesterday I got an e-mail from a director I worked with earlier this year--he told me he had to cut my scene out of the short b/c he didn't like the way he shot it. That's not something any actor wants to hear, but hey--my job is to serve the story.

I also got an e-mail from someone I submitted my pic & res to (for what I don't know), and she kept it on file. She e-mailed me, saying that I'm a bit young for the role, but she wants me to consider it, and that the writer thinks I'm perfect. So we gotta take the bitter with the sweet!

I'm going to Privilege (who is in the process of merging with Beverly Hecht) to see my theatrical and print agents tomorrow. I am disappointed that I have not been on any theatrical auditions that I didn't submit myself for. This ain't gon' work!! So we need to have a conversation about how we can best move my career forward and make us some money.

More when more happens!


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