Monday, March 27, 2006

Boy, do I feel stupid!

I showed up at the AFTRA/SAG building for my callback today. I parked, wend to the floor where auditions were being held, and couldn't find the room. I went downstairs and spoke to the guy at the front desk, verified the address & told him why I was there. Some other guy overheard what I was saying and came over and said that he thought the audition had been moved across the street. I decided to call the people casting the film. Left a message. Then I called my agent, and was pleasantly surprised to find her still in the office (it was after 6PM). I told her I was at the audition location and nobody was there. She said "Honey, your audition is for Tuesday." I looked at the e-mail print-out (which I had been holding in my hand all along) and sure enough, it said TUESDAY!

I feel like an idiot. :oP


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