Saturday, March 11, 2006

More of the same...

I'm still wrapping out the 37th NAACP Image Awards, and I've had 2 auditions this week. One for Judy...El...something (ain't that a shame?) yesterday at Castaway Studios. It was for Chase Bank. Callbacks were today. I didn't get one.

My other audition was for "A Father's Love" last Saturday. I was told it would be a while before they got back to me. My audition was okay. Not wonderful, not bad, just "okay".

When I'm done with the Image Awards, I need to go meet with my theatrical agent and find out what's going on. I haven't gotten any auditions through them that I didn't solicit myself. I should at least be doing under fives on ER, Law & Order, Grey's Anatomy (YEAH!) and shows like that. I can play a crack addict with a gunshot wound lying on a gurney.

I have been rehearsing with someone who is trying to get into "The Actor's Studio" at Strasberg. We are working on the scene "Laundry and Bourbon". Cool scene. I think we're finally making some headway--good thing too, since the audition is in 2 weeks.

I ordered some postcards last night. Gonna paper the town with my face. They should be here in a week or so.

OH YEAH!!! This may be in poor taste, but I got my first batch of residual checks a week ago. I came home to a thick envelope from my agent and voila! I was dazed for a while. Not that I'm rich or even close, but I HAVE MONEY I THE BANK! (Doing the happy dance.) It's been a while.

I've written two shorts and a treatment for a feature. A friend of mine is poised to produce one of the shorts, but I now that I have it, I'm not too keen on spending my own money on a short, however good (and they both are good). Gotta think this through.


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