Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Busy day...

Went to an agent workshop at Actorsite--read for David Kensler of Acme Talent & Literary. It was a comedy scene, and I just feel like I did okay. Then I came home, did some LA Casting, Actors' Access, and NowCasting submission, printed some postcards, downloaded sides for an audition I have coming up on Saturday (more on that later), made some phone calls, went to a "Resist-a-Ball" class at the gym (horrible name, I know--it's a class where you do exercises with a huge inflated exercise ball), came home, got cleaned up, changed clothes, went back to Actorsite to attend a workshop given by EP and Manager, Marilyn Atlas (reading went MUCH better). Came home, ate, fiddled around (like I'm doing now) and about to go to bed.

Tomorrow, I am going to attempt something I haven't done in a while. I am going to relax. Drink tea, eat fruits and vegetables, only check my cell phone to see if my agent has called me with a same-day audition, go to a belly dance class at the gym, and relax. I need it. And I friggin' DESERVE it! I work hard!! ;o)

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