Saturday, June 10, 2006

How did our society get so CRAZY??

JEEZ, I'm no prude, and I do enjoy more than my fair share of (so-called) "reality" TV shows, but shows like "Cheaters" and "Fear Factor" make me sick (the latter, literally). In the case of "Cheaters" people are using the misery of others as entertainment, and with "Fear Factor" I just can't understand the point of watching someone eat a live hissing cockroach for the CHANCE at (not even guaranteed) $50,000. We seem to be getting worse and worse. Cursing on the radio, soft-porn on TV...and we have the nerve to wonder what's wrong with the children! I wonder what will be going on in the next 10 years. Probably friggin' snuff films on live tv. The public will probably get to vote for the person to be killed each week, and the method to be used. Don't sleep--you don't know what you might wake up to.

I'm going to put my soap box away...for now.


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