Saturday, June 03, 2006

This is what happens...

I do too much and I get 'scattered'. I have been auditioning and/or working
quite a bit lately--I shot an industrial for the Church of Scientology
today. I have a print audition for UPS on Monday, and an indie film
audition on Wed.

I'll do better at posting!

I'm also actively working to get in shape. In 3 years I've lost 30 lbs. I
would like to lose 20 more, but I'm not in a rush. The downside is that all
of my clothes are getting too big & I can't afford to replace my wardrobe!!
Especially the suits I bought last year--they're falling off of me
(literally). I'm going to have to stop wearing one pair of pants altogether
before I end up in my drawers on the street!

Talk soon,


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