Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dunkin Donuts Audition Yesterday

I got there and discovered that both the callback and the shoot are scheduled for dates when I will be out of town. I'll stay in town for a booking, but I am not willing to cancel my trip (working/ business trip) for a callback. Too expensive, and it might not pay for itself, whereas a booking will. I called my agent (I booked out a month ago) but both my agent, and his assistant were busy. I left a message, but didn't hear back, so I went ahead and auditioned. It just went okay. Then I sent an e-mail to both of them to reiterate that I would be out of town, but if I get a callback and they schedule it for early in the day on the 27th, I will be there, and make a beeline to the airport right afterwards. If I book it, I will get my butt back here.

Today I cancelled the services of my marketing person. She's great, but I just need to re-group and figure out how I need to get where I need to be. I'm not doing it right now, though because my mind is on vacation. I was close to burnout, and now I feel myself "coming back" so I have decided not to push anything until I get back from the midwest in August. It's easy to allow "work" to seep into every crevice of one's life when you love what you do, and are driven to succeed, but rest is important too. So I've been getting all of the sleep I need, getting my solitude (love that), and I wrote a PSA yesterday!

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