Saturday, July 22, 2006

Okay, I've decided...

I'll be going to Chicago next week to see my family, then to Iowa to work and see my friends. When I come back, I am going to make it a point to get out, see friends here in L.A., go to events, and be more social in general. How did I get so introverted? Gotta shake things up.

Audition Tuesday--"The Bow Wow Club" I did this play in college. The playwright, Levy Lee Simon is a friend of mine, and I told him that I wanted to audition, I go! The play is wonderful. Wish me luck! (No, there's no "favoritism" I'm gonna go in there and earn it!)



  1. Hey Nicole,

    I work on "For The Love of Freedom Part III" with Levy 2 years ago. Cool, talented brother.


  2. Hi Stephon--

    This is the first comment I've gotten on my blog, so I've been trying to figure out how to reply to you. I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly...

    Anyway, Lee IS great, isn't he? A good guy and a tremendous talent.

    Six degrees of separation...and sometimes, not even that...

    Take care.



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