Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Allstate" audition...

I woke up feeling flu-ish, but went ahead and went to work. I was asked to leave work (b/c I was sick), so around noon I drove from where I work (mid-Wilshire) to the valley. The plan was to stop at Whole Foods, pick up some chicken noodle soup, go home, eat, and go to bed. I felt AWFUL--hot one minute, cold the next--I couldn't get home fast enough. As I was entering the grocery store, my agent called & said I had a 'straight-to-callback' audition for Allstate (yayy!!), TODAY (today?), in SANTA MONICA!! (what the-?!) I almost cried. I couldn't really be upset, after all--it's an audition! Not once did I consider not going, but I did not feel well at all, and I had just driven 10 miles in the opposite direction to get home.

I drove home, heated my soup, ate quickly, changed clothes and drove to Santa Monica in time for my 2:40 audition. Got there with 10 minutes to spare. I auditioned for Joe Blake and the client. It wasn't spectacular. I'll hear back soon if I got it, though b/c it shoots next weekend in Charlotte. How cool would it be to work w/ Dennis Haysbert? Pretty darn!!

Coming back, I was stuck in northbound 405 traffic, and I was getting sleepy, so I did what any responsible driver would do--started making phone calls to my sisters (which is an Allstate ad all it's own). It kept me awake, I made it home, and proceeded to wash off my makeup so I could get into bed. The water was off. My mind immediately went to "did I not pay a bill?" completely forgetting that water is the only utility that I don't pay for in my apartment. I went next door to my apartment manager, and was told that some work was being done in the building, and the water would be back on shortly. That didn't sound soon enough, so I used some of the ice-cold water from my Brita container in the fridge (did I say ICE COLD??!!) to remove my makeup, and went to bed around 4:30PM. I woke up at 1 this morning, and finally got up at 2. It's 4:20 now.

Be a trip if I booked Allstate, wouldn't it?


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