Thursday, November 16, 2006

13 auditions in the last 2 weeks...

Two resulted in callbacks, one resulted in my being put on "avail" (but not actually hired), and one resulted in being hired, but then I was un-hired.

Is this normal? What's "average"? I don't know about all of that. I just know that I'm doing the best I can do. It's times like these that make me wonder--what am I doing?? What can I do to turn this around? I will be going back to The Meisner Center for continued training, but aside from staying sharp, all I can do is just keep moving forward and living life. I'm also writing, so...I take it in stride.

I still consider myself blessed to be living my dream. Now it's time for me to do some goal-setting and step it up a few notches. I ain't playin'. ;o)


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