Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still no call...

booking me or releasing me from the "avail" for Time Warner Cable. See, this is why I try my best not to get excited when I am put "on avail". I just KNEW I had this...not that it's too late--I still could get the call tomorrow for a shoot on Thursday--that's what happened with the TBS shoot.

Speaking of TBS, I called the production manager in Atlanta today (she was very nice), and she is going to send me a copy of the spot. I'll add it to my commercial reel on my website when I receive it.

I have an audition tomorrow, it's for a sleep medication called "Rozerem". I need another national spo before the year's end.
Preferably union b/c the residuals are sweeet. ;o)

Alright. Got stuff to do.



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