Saturday, November 11, 2006

Unceremoniously UN-hired...

I have just been dumped from the music video I booked last week (before I even left the audition). The director sent me an E-MAIL:

Hi Nicole,

Thank you so much for auditioning for the music video shoot, Lonely Children. You did a great job. Unfortunately, I can't book you for this shoot because the girls that I chose for the kids do not match you in type. I will keep your headshot for upcoming projects and thanks again for coming in.

Director, "Lonely Children"

Not cool at all. Not necessarily the fact that she had to "un-book" me (because things do happen), but because she sent me an e-mail!! Call a sista. She didn't know what else I had going on that got cancelled due to my committing to this shoot. Again, not cool at all. I did reply to her e-mail letting her know what I thought. I wasn't nasty or anything, just honest. Hopefully next time she'll either take more time before booking people, or at least make a personal call to let the actor know what the situation is.

I did take a moment to think before sending a reply, b/c I don't want to do anything to be labeled as a "problem" or to not be considered for future jobs, but that would have been me biting my tongue due to fear. I'm not with that program. I value the time and efforts of the people who hire me, and I expect no less in return. What if I had BACKED OUT via e-mail?? Unprofessional and disrespectful.

Okay, deep breaths. I'm gettin' cute--heading out to a friend's birthday party. Hopefully this upcoming week will bring (at least) two more bookings, and many more auditions! ;o)

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