Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another busy day...

Up early to make some phone calls & contact my agents regarding projects I have heard about. True to form, my commercial agent (Hugh @ Coast to Coast) e-mailed me back to tell me that I have already been submitted for the Best Buy spot that I heard about. Hugh is great. I called my theatrical agent at 10:05 to ask her to submit me for CSI. I got voicemail, so I left a detailed message. I chatted with my mother while drinking an herbal tea, then got myself ready to go to my 11:50AM audition in Santa Monica (Mimi Webb Miller Casting @ Village Studios). Just as I put my hand on the doorknob to leave my apt., my cell rang--it was my agent's assistant calling to tell me that I've been put on avail for the "Wake Forest blah-blah-blah" spot (it has a really long name that neither of us can seem to remember. I'll make a point to remember and post it when they book me for sure!) It shoots Jan. 2-5 (one of the perks of being in town over the holidays).

On my way to the freeway, I made a slight detour and dropped my pic & res off at Ulrich Dawson & Kritzer for CSI consideration.

I went to my audition (got lost, but found my way). Did my thing, and headed home. On the way home I made some more phone calls. I called the agent I met at a party last week who told me to contact her. I dropped my materials off on Monday, and just called to follow up. I got VM.

Then I called my theatrical agent again. Very nice lady. She didn't seem to know why I was calling. I asked her if she had gotten my voicemail message (I left it at 10:05 b/c nobody answered the phone, and this second call was at 1PM). She said "No, when did you leave it? Not today or yesterday." (I was disturbed by this b/c apparently she hadn't listened to yesterday's messages.)

Me: I left it this morning. It's regarding a project I want you to submit me for.
Her: Oh. Well, what is it. I'll write it down.

I gave the info again. She told me that she saw the role a couple of days ago, and that I was looking at old breakdowns, but that she would submit me. (Yes, I know it BEGS the question "why didn't you submit me when you first saw it?? But I really didn't want to go down that road.) She said the office would be closing tomorrow afternoon and would be closed until...heck, I don't remember. Doesn't seem to matter anyway.

I like this lady personally, but I have not had ONE theatrical audition from her in a year. Anything I've gotten has been on my own. I'm not complaining about doing the work, I am complaining about not having a team where each of the players contributes even proportionally to their expected return. (How's that for diplomatic?) Moving on...

I really want to take a nap, but I need to return a Christmas gift that I changed my mind on so they can credit my checking account. Then I have to get *FABULOUS* for a party tonight.


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