Wednesday, January 31, 2007

2 commercial auditions tomorrow...

McDonalds and Sprint Vertical (? gotta look that one up). I'm a businesswoman for Mickey D's and a nurse for Sprint Vertical.

I met with my theatrical & print agents this afternoon. My theatrical agent assured me that I am being submitted for everything I'm right for. I took in my spreadsheet (I'm such a nerd) showing her all of the CDs I have auditioned for in the last 6 months. She said it was helpful. We talked about pix, she looked at the ones I am using right now and gave me specifics as to what to put on LA Casting & Breakdown Services, as well as hardcopies to give her. I asked if she pitches me and she said that most of the CDs won't even take agents phone calls during pilot season. If they did they would get nothing else done b/c everyone would be calling to pitch their clients. She said the only pitches they will accept are "stars". Hmph. They must not know 'bout me! lol I let her know that I'm doing my own drops and I'm postcarding. I asked if there was anything else I needed to do to make her job easier. She said "no" and said it was okay for me to stop by more often. I told her that I spend my time doing "my job" and leave them alone to do theirs b/c I don't want to be "that girl". She said "you are not THAT GIRL. We know who "that girl" is, and you are not her." Good to know. I'll visit more often & make sure I stay fresh in their minds and we stay on the same page and make some money this year. I am the CEO of Me.

I went to a CD workshop at Actorsite last night--Lonnie Hamerman w/ Gary M. Zuckerbrod Casting. I felt like it went very well. I like Lonnie--this is my second workshop with her. Cool people, and gives great direction.

A-ight. Stuff to do. Ciao.

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