Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ended up having 2 auditions yesterday...

I already had the one for the cholesterol video scheduled, then I got a call from my commercial agent telling me that I had another one for Lexus with Jeanne McCarthy at McCarthy-Cuba Casting. I'm back in the NAACP office doing some work, so I had to drive from mid-Wilshire back home to the valley, change from my "mom" clothes into a suit, and drive over to (near) Santa Monica (the city) for my audition, then back to mid-Wilshire, where I stayed until about 10:40PM. This morning I got up, went to Pilates, came straight to the NAACP where I've been all day (here right now), got a callback for the cholesterol video, then got a call from my print agent, so...I have two auditions tomorrow followed by a CD workshop at Actorsite, and somehow I have to figure out how to get my NAACP work done as well.

I'm going home to go over my sides for my callback. At least I can wear the same clothes to both auditions tomorrow ("Mom" wear).

Ciao, y'all.


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