Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Guess who is going to be in a national "Fruit of the Loom" commercial?? (it's ME!)

It's official. I booked it and I shoot tomorrow (yippee). I had my fitting today. There were not five spots as I was previously told, there were five vignettes within the SAME spot (now there are six). The director personally took me aside and apologized for the confusion, and told me that she really liked me and my energy in the audition and that she wanted to work with me. I'm going to be in a vignette (or whatever you call it) by myself doing laundry--she said "I know that doesn't maximize your talents, but I really wanted you to be in this spot." She also expressed an interest in working with me in the future. How cool is that??

I'm at the Image Awards production office now. The fitting took 4 hours (actually 3 hours were spent waiting for my fitting), and I have a lot to do, so...

Ciao for now!


P.S.--I met a cool actor in the waiting room. He's going to play the husband of one of the other women. Nice guy.

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