Friday, February 02, 2007


Well, I auditioned for "The Virgin of Akron Ohio" and my performance was...not my finest. I was distracted, had too much "business" going on and not enough "emotional connection", lost my lines...just OFF. And that one was taped. I sat in my car afterwards trying to clear my head and shake it off. I played my music loudly all the way to Manhattan Beach. When I got there, I ran into two women that I had seen at my Boston Legal audition two weeks prior. One of them told me she had been there 6 times. We were the only three called in for that particular role. Ken Miller said he "called his favorites", and apologized for being written out of the other show. He seems to be a very nice man...just as a person. Great, warm energy.

I did my thing and left. Simple. It could go either way depending on what they are looking for.

I drove for an HOUR and wasn't even halfway home--traffic was HORRENDOUS!! Like, it took me an hour to go 12 miles horrendous. Like, I was in my car screaming at the top of my lungs horrendous. I got off the freeway and ran a couple of errands, and rather than get back into my car and risk having to drive for another hour, I swung by the NAACP office & made some phone calls. I left around 7, hoping the traffic would be better. Nope. Took me another hour to get home. I have been in my car more today than I have been OUT of my car. That's LA for you.

We'll see.

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