Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm back!!

Hey, I've been so busy lately that on the rare occasion when I did have time to post, I was tired and couldn't wrap my brain around it. A lot has happened:

I SHOT BOSTON LEGAL!! And it was cool. I arrived on the lot at a little before 6AM (ouch), and was taken to my trailer, which was, by far, the largest trailer I have had to-date. As soon as I stepped into the trailer I noticed a faint foul smell. I thought maybe it was just because the trailer hadn't been used in a while and was a bit musty. I read over my contract, signed it, and started settling in. One of the ADs came and took me to makeup. There were 3 of us women getting our makeup done: without telling too much of anybody's business (including my own) the transformation from "just woke up" to "camera-ready" was amazing to watch. Thank the LORD for MAC!! "Autumn" airbrushed my face, and at first I was concerned b/c the shade she used was much darker than my skin tone. I waited to se where she was going with the whole thing. She put a lighter shade on top of it, then an even lighter one (as a highlight) just in the center of my face, and my face just lit up. It was a WHOLE lot of makeup (like wearing three days' worth at once), but I think (I hope) it turned out looking good on camera. I had breakfast, and when I returned to my trailer, wardrobe had come in and left my (fabulous) clothing for me. As I was getting dressed I noticed that the smell in the trailer seemed to be getting worse (and no it wasn't me). I did some investigation and it was coming from the restroom. I closed the door tightly and kept getting dressed. I hung out in the trailer and watched podcasts until I was told that it was time to go to set for rehearsal.

We rehearsed and I got to watch James Spader, Christian Clemenson, and Gail O'Grady do their thing. Christian Clemenson blew me away. VERY talented.

I got to say the one line I had in that particular scene, and I felt like "this is what I'm supposed to be doing--only more of it". No apprehension or "am I doing it right?" I'm an actress, this is what I do.

I went back to my trailer & the stench was unbearable. I opened the door so that air could get through the screen door. It didn't work. The funk was so bad that people could smell it OUTSIDE! I found one of the ADs & told her--long story short, she moved me to a different trailer.

The first day was a very long day. 16 hours. There was a lot of waiting. More waiting than acting, actually, but I got to wait in my trailer because I had a stand-in: (Melanese Way--cool people). But because the last shot of the day is just as important as the first, everyone stayed focused and kept working. It was good to see what it takes to work on a TV show. We were getting script changes even while the shooting was going on, and were required to make the change right then and there. Professionals.

When I left the set at 10:15PM, I thought about staying at a hotel in Manhattan Beach since I had to be back there in 12 hours. The first hotel I called was $249 a night and I wasn't quite rich, tired, or crazy enough to pay that so I drove home and set two alarms so that I would be sure to get up on time the next day.

I was originally hired for 2 days, but because the first day ran so long, I ended up working for 3. People were nice as well as professional. Friendly even. In some ways I felt strange b/c some of the people working as "extras" seemed to go out of their way to be nice to me, talk to me, or smile at me (except for one who was as catty as can be for no reason that concerned me). I found out later that they had been told not to speak to "the cast". O...kay.

All in all, I didn't see anyone doing anything that left me feeling like I am unprepared to do what they do. This was my first TV show experience, but I've been acting for well over a decade now, and while I'm sure that there are some technical things that I do not yet know, I do know that I how to act.

"My" "Boston Legal" episode airs April 17 on ABC.

Both my Lexus and Rozerem commercials are running:

Click HERE to see the Rozerem spot. I'm near the end.

Click HERE to see the Lexus spot. WARNING--this is a really bad copy, but I haven't received my DVD copy yet, so it's the best I could find for now. I'm in the front pushing the car.

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