Sunday, April 01, 2007

Once again, all together now...

"I really should be in bed." I say that waaaay too often, don't I?

I really should, and I'll go right after this.

Just wanted to say that I had my fitting, and after a series of (what I consider to be) close calls, I ended up with something really cute. I'm looking forward to my first speaking role in a commercial!

I met the clients (all really nice people) and told the director that I am happy to be working on this. (I am.)

They gave me my sides, my early AM call time for Monday, and told me to get a mani-pedi and bring 'em a receipt (I was wearing bronze polish--they want something neutral). I needed a mani-pedi anyway, so that was just fine.

I'm so tired, but I drank a big bottle of tea, then I got online so I'm overstimulated and not sleepy. If I lie down I'll probably be knocked out inside of 10 minutes.

Gonna go try. Ciao.


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