Saturday, June 09, 2007

Slowly coming back...

I have been having problems with my Internet connection, so please forgive my delay in getting my vacation pix up. I’m working on it.

I’ve spent a lot of time alone this week. That doesn’t mean I’ve been home lying on the couch all day--far from it, I’ve been really busy getting things rolling again. I’m used to having a lot of solitude, and in the month that I was traveling, I had none at all, so I think I’m catching up now. Thinking thoughts that I didn’t have time to think because I was rushing from one place to another. And while thinking, I realized that I need to make some changes or I’m going to burn out completely.

So I’m in my cocoon. That’s what I call it when I pretty much cut off all nonessential communication with the outside world so I can hear my own voice again and make sure I’m on the right path for me.

A couple of nights ago I went to hear Scott Sedita speak at Actorsite, and while I didn’t agree with everything he said, he did say some things about the ways that actors sabotage their own careers, and it really hit home because some of the things are things that I see in my own life. Then, last night I went to a class at The Meisner Center and Martin Barter said some other things that also hit home. Without putting my business out in the street, let’s just say that it was like getting confirmation regarding a decision I have been trying to make. So now I need to refocus, and I need a lot of space, quiet, and understanding while I do that. I’ve gotten in the habit of taking on too much just because I can handle it, but that doesn’t mean it’s GOOD for me to do. I have to unlearn this habit or it’s going to be my ruin. I also have to stop making sacrifices for people who don’t bother to sacrifice for themselves. It’s wearing me thin as well. We are all works in progress, people. Bear with me…

On a lighter note, I have a new manager and I feel really good about working with her. I’m expecting great things out of the second half of 2007. I went to a workshop with Karina Walters of Fiorentino Mangieri Weidman Casting today, and it went okay. Not fabulous, but not bad either. I have an audition for Cox Communications on Monday, and a workshop with Peter Pappa of Valko Miller. I’m also thinking about taking a class again--I feel like I need to sharpen my skills.

It’s on. ;o)


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