Friday, July 06, 2007

JCPenney Audition...

It went well! I actually auditioned for something other than what I went in for, but when I asked about it, CD Natasha Cuba told me that my name "had a star next to it" which means they were looking at me for more than one project.

I did a drop to her this week, and I'm sure my (great) commercial agent submitted me as well.

Since I haven't been auditioning much lately, I was a little nervous, so I made sure to get there early, sit in my car and listen to my audition coaching tape, breathe deeply, and center myself. Then I went in. 6 of us went in at a time, and had to do an improv--I just relaxed and had fun with it. Everyone laughed, and I felt good about it. Hopefully I'm what they're looking for! If not, then NEXT TIME! Just keep the auditions coming.


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