Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Busy couple of weeks

How long has it been since I have posted? A couple of weeks? Feels like it's been a while. I've been moving, auditioning, shooting, and working in production. Now I'm taking a little bit of a break for myself. Just winding down and taking some stress-free "Nicole" time. It takes me a while to actually relax because my day-to-day life in general becomes all about my "to-do" list, and when I stop checking it, I feel a little guilty. Like I'm going to miss something important. But I have to trust that I am exactly where I need to be and what's for me will be mine. I just need to take care of myself.

Speaking of taking care of myself, I always eat lots of junk when I'm doing production work. On this production ("An Evening of Stars: Tribute to Smokey Robinson") my seat was right behind the craft services table. You know Krispy Kreme was calling my name all day long, right? So I decided that I would start the Master Cleanse on Sunday. Sunday was easy because I slept most of the day. Monday was okay until about 3PM, then I was STRUGGLING. I needed some food. I ended up breaking my 2-day fast with huge helping of Chinese take-out. For the record--it is NOT something I recommend.

Anyway, I've never successfully fasted before (not good with the deprivation thing), so a friend of mine has been coaching me. She told me I need to start slowly, so I'm trying to do that now.

I'm supposed to be on tonight's episode of "Boston Legal". I didn't tell many people because I told EVERYBODY and their mama last time and then ended up getting cut out of the episode, so I wanted to wait and see. I spoke to my mother (her time zone is ahead of mine) and she said she saw me. Plus I got two phone calls from people in Atlanta who called to ask if that was me. Yayy! Look Ma, I'm on TV.

Okay, I'm going back to watching "Dancing With The Stars" now. Ciao, y'all.


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  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Dear Nicole,

    Congrats on you Boston Legal booking. Girl you rock!

    Your Friend,



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