Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I had two auditions today. I got to the first one (a "Hanes" commercial audition at Ross Lacy Casting), and I felt good. Like "this is MINE!" 3 of us were called in at the same time. I was there to audition for the role of "saleswoman" and when the 3 of us went into the room, one was told to be the sales woman, one was told to be a customer, and I was told to be a manager. We slated & did the scene. The WHOLE TIME I was thinking that we were each going to rotate out & be the saleswoman (who was the focal point of the audition), so I was actively participating, but trying not to do anything that would pull focus from the woman who had been designated as the saleswoman. But it turned out that THAT WAS THE WHOLE AUDITION!! There was no "rotating roles" or anything like that. I left feeling like an idiot.

So I changed my clothes in the car of the Ralph's parking lot, then drove like a bat out of hell to get back to the valley so I could make it to Warner Bros. for my "Moonlight" audition. Got there, changed my clothes, and went in. Turned out that the role I had been told to prepare had been written out of the script and there was a note that everyone who was going to read for that role was now reading for a different nurse role. I saw my name on the list, so I grabbed the sides & studied them. Then the casting associate came out and clarified--the people whose names were on the list were supposed to read for yet ANOTHER character. So within the span of 15 minutes, I had 3 different scripts. I went in and I had a couple of questions about the character (since I had no breakdown), but it felt like it went well though.

I hope this brain fog or idiocy or WHATEVER it is doesn't carry over into tomorrow. I have an audition for ING Direct. Wish a sista good luck. Apparently I need it and prayer too. Not in that order either.


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