Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One A Them Days...

  • Got taken off of avail for "Boston Legal" today.  Apparently this episode will not shoot.
  • Haven't heard back about my voiceover audition.  My agent liked the MP3 I sent, though.
  • Found out I won't be working one of the production jobs that I had planned to work next year (it's never a deal until the ink is dry).
  • Haven't heard back regarding a writing gig that someone tried to hook me up with.  The guy liked my writing samples, but warned me that because most of my work is non-commissioned (i.e. work I didn't get paid for), it's a "hard-sell."
On the brighter side, I DO have 2 auditions tomorrow:  one for Dairy Queen, and the other for Bally Total Fitness.  I don't want to speculate on whether or not there is a theme here...

Gotta rock these auditions.  Then maybe I won't NEED those other gigs.  So THERE!  ;o)


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