Thursday, December 20, 2007

Audition today (ugh)

Not my finest moment. I had a dialogue with my partner in the scene, but all of my lines were words to the song "Lady Marmalade," so instead of actually SAYING my words, I was supposed to mouth them (talking, not in a singing way), while they played the song.

I had to remember not to sing (which I did), not to SPEAK (which I didn't remember), and to interact with my partner but not look at him. I was supposed to look directly at the camera so that they could see how well I could lipsync. I was a HOT MESS. I felt like an idiot because I couldn't NOT TALK. Just couldn't remember to not talk. The casting assistant told me that everyone was having the same problem, but it was not good. I refrained from apologizing to my partner as we left. I just wished him luck.

There were some heavy-hitters in the waiting room too. Women who work a LOT. I mean a LOT.

If I get a callback, I'll really wonder what the heck the other women were doing in their auditions.


I'll be here over the holidays now (was going to Chicago, but had a change in plans), I won't get to see my family, so I need to book something to make it worthwhile.


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