Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I got back to L.A. yesterday, and had a callback for the Citicards commercial this afternoon. They are shooting 4 spots, and I originally auditioned for a spot that shoots in Brazil or Belize (there was some confusion). Today at the callback I auditioned for a spot that shoots in Texas. Now, a booking is a booking, and travel is travel, but Texas is a far cry from Brazil OR Belize! Still, I'll take it. Today's audition went even better than the initial audition, so we'll see. I auditioned with funny man Dannon Green, and brother and sister duo Harry Brockington and Ariana Brockington. Good little actors.

I feel good, y'all. I don't even really know what to say--this has been such an amazing experience overall. Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine and I told him how the production companies took such good care of me, and everything was top-notch. He asked me "Isn't that what you do for the people when you do production work?" I said "Yes, of course." He said "Well, you're 'the people'." It made me laugh, but I guess it was true, wasn't it? I had on my "talent" hat and the production teams (as well as my own phenomenal commercial agency team) did their jobs so well that I didn't have to concern myself with anything other than my job. It was great. Lots of thoughts swirling around my head right now, but the recurring one is: "Wow." I've been acting for a long time now--most of that time for free. The last 3 years (since I COMMITTED to doing what it takes to have a successful acting career) have been eye-opening, and things just get better and better. I am soooo loving life right now. Sometimes I'm tempted to tone it down so folks don't get sick of me saying it, or lay in wait for me to fall (because there are always haters), but I can't cheat myself by being concerned with nonsense like that. Those truly in my corner will be in my corner, and just as I draw strength and support from them, hopefully the joy I'm experiencing right now will inspire the people around me who need it.

As soon as I find the cable to my digital camera, I will post pix.



  1. Never hide when you feel good. Glad to hear that it is all going well for you.

    Just to let you know you seem like a very inspirational person. Keep it up for us all.

  2. Thanks a lot Emory. I appreciate all of that.


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