Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Should I shake it? ("Up", that is...)

Ever since I happened upon an episode of Sesame Street in Spanish, foreign languages have fascinated me. I started studying Spanish in 6th grade, in high school I studied Spanish and Italian, and in college I studied Spanish, Italian, and French. I got a degree in Spanish, and used to be fluent. I'm rusty now, but I still love languages.

I've also always wanted to travel. As a young child, I remember telling my grandmother that I was going to move to Hawaii when I 'got grown' (Hawaii was the farthest place I could think of at the time). She told me "But then you won't get to see me!" I didn't like the sounds of that, so I didn't consider it feasible for a long time after that. Still, I wanted to travel internationally, and in 2005, I worked a gig that took me to Aruba. In 2007, I went to Europe (France and Italy, to be exact). Lately I've been thinking about moving abroad...if only for a year or two. I've been weighing my options as well as all of the costs (financial, career-wise, and being even further away from my family) of making such a move. I think if I don't do it, I'll regret it later.

This evening I went to a seminar about teaching English as a foreign language, and I'm excited about taking the course (haven't registered yet). I also dropped of packages to voiceover agents today and had a voiceover audition, so as you can tell, I'm quite conflicted.

One possibility is to write a one-woman show and take it on the road. People do it, so I know it can be done. Plus I understand more about producing theatre than I do about producing film. I could also research international film markets and see what my options are there. I just don't know right now. It's good to have options, though. I'll work it out.

Since I am writing the two blogs now, I don't post here as much (because my time and experiences have to be split between both). Just know that this will always be "home base" and I will always return here. On the days when I'm not here, feel free to check me out HERE.

Talk soon.


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