Sunday, February 15, 2009

A GREAT Start to 2009!


So, my 12-hour "ER" shoot made for a loooong day, but it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I got to work with Director John Wells, and actors Noah Wyle, Eriq LaSalle, and Christian Clemenson (best-known for his work on "Boston Legal"). I spent about 10 of those hours on my feet, and those once-comfy clogs were merciless, but I didn't EVEN care. When I arrived, I had about 10 minutes to change clothes and then was shuttled to the stage where we were to shoot the scene. I was introduced to Dr. John W. Fong who taught me the proper way to intubate a patient (I was playing an anesthesiologist). I practiced on a stand-in until Noah Wyle arrived, then I spent the next 9 hours sticking stuff into his mouth and taking it back out again. He told me "Just don't break my teeth and we're cool." No pressure at all. Everyone was really nice. Especially John Wells. And Christian Clemenson recognized me from from "Boston Legal" - He asked "Wasn't that your first TV gig?" (How did he remember that??) I told him that it was and that I figured if I just follow him from set to set I'll do okay. He laughed. (I think he thought I was joking, lol.)

I've been told that a lot of big names are going to be in this episode, so they are expecting high ratings. I don't have the date yet, but it's episode 19, and it is supposed to air in late March. Watch for it. I have a mask on throughout the scene, but I'm the only dark-skinned black woman, so I'll be preeetty easy to spot.

I'VE ALSO JUST BOOKED a little role in David E. Kelley's new pilot, "Legally Mad". I was sick when I got the audition call and thought about calling to cancel because I wasn't sure I'd be at my best and I didn't want to expose anybody else to whatever "bug" I might have, but I decided to go and just not cough on anybody. Good thing because I BOOKED IT! Like I said, it's a little role, but my 'little role' on Kelley's show "Boston Legal" turned into a recurring role, so who knows?

I was going to share some thoughts about the celebs that have been falling from grace lately, but this has already gotten long, so I'll save it for another time. A-Rod, Chris Brown, Michael thoughts are probably not what you would expect. I'll comment later.



  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

    So, how are Noah Wyle's teeth now?
    I've read that his character is getting a kidney transplant in this episode. I suppose you are in the scenes for this surgery?

    I'm not familiar with the filming industry at all, and I'm always fascinated with this kind of behind the scenes information, like learning how long it can take to shot scenes!

  2. I assure you that his teeth were still intact as of the martini shot!

    I don't think I'm supposed to tell what's going on, but since you already heard - YES!

    It took 12 hours to shoot 4 scenes!

  3. Anonymous4:13 PM

    All the Boston Legal-o-philes at my website and forum enjoy reading your insider experiences as the clerk last year. How cool that you've proven the 'it's a small town' axiom with working aside Christian on "ER" and back to DEK's law offices in "Legally Mad". I'll be watching for you on both shows. And here is where the BL fans have talked about your blog in the past.

  4. Hi Dana--

    OMG - I just check out the board you linked to, and when you say "Boston Legal-o-philes" you aren't joking, are you?

    Thanks for watching for me. I'm going to stop back by the site and see if I can post without going through a long registration process.

    It was cool to see Christian again, as he has always been a consummate professional, and I truly enjoy watching him work.

  5. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Nicole - glad it doesn't weird you out to see how we Boston Legal fans dissect and examine every aspect of a TV show. Man, if someone watched me do MY job so closely, it'd bother me. What is it about TV that intrigues so much?

    You're definetly welcome to share any fun thoughts and observations about BL in that forum!

  6. Hey There!

    I came across this blog via your other blog on I'm an aspiring actor myself, who is just getting started in the business. I have to say that I really admire your attitude. Your perspective on things is quite inspiring. I look forward to seeing more of your work and hopefully seeing you on set one day! =)


  7. Hey Shawn -

    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I'm glad that the things I share are helpful to you. I wish you the absolute best of luck.

    Do your thing, and embrace the whole journey! ;o)



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