Wednesday, July 29, 2009

¡En Fuego!

Advance apology: This post, like the last one, will be short. Can't complain though - it's because I'm BUSY! I have had 4 auditions since last Friday. Of the 3 auditions on Monday - one resulted in a callback (which I will go to tomorrow), a booking (I booked "The Mentalist") and I already knew I was too young for the 3rd one. My agent was able to get feedback regarding Friday's guest star audition - They liked me, and said I did a very good job, but they decided to go older. Of course it would have been great to book my first guest star audition (and on a hit TV show like "Cold Case" no less) but they liked my work, so hopefully I'll get a callback. No worries.

Now, about that "The Mentalist" booking. YAAYYYYYYYYY!!! I really really like this show. I got a script and everything. And if that isn't wonderful enough, The Fabulous Loree Parral is doing wardrobe! When she called, we had a mini-happyfest. She's already dressed me for all of my "Boston Legal" episodes, and the David E. Kelley Pilot "Legally Mad" (which didn't get picked up. Booo.), and now here we are again. Usually I get to look forward to her dressing me fabulously, but I'll be playing a bailiff on "The Mentalist" so I'll be wearing a uniform.

Alright, celebration over. I have physical therapy for my ankle EARLY in the morning (it's getting better), I have a callback after that, then I have to pay my lapsed SAG dues (with part of my rent money) so I can actually SHOOT the gig I just booked. Then I have an audition for myfavoriteshowinthewholewideorld "Grey's Anatomy!"


I haven't forgotten that I promised to tell you about the audition I almost didn't go to. I will tell you. Right now I have to focus, then rest up for tomorrow.

Color me happy.


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