Thursday, February 04, 2010

Audition Frenzy!

Over the last week I've had 3 commercial auditions (one of which resulted in a callback), 3 TV show auditions, and 1 TV movie audition. Whew! Monday morning brought a phone call from my manager telling me that I've been put on hold for one of the TV shows. I've been to audition for this show about five times over the last couple of years, so I was feeling all good & stuff (being put "on hold" is the closest step to actually being booked*). Then I got another call about 15 minutes later - it was my manager again, telling me that I was being held for a second TV show. She gave me the date range, and I called my agent to give her a heads up. Hopefully they'll BOTH firm up and become bookings AND I hope they shoot on different days. Let's all cross our fingers that the bookings come through tomorrow so I can do the happy dance all weekend.

Next week I start production work on another award show, the NAACP Image Awards. I'm mentally preparing now. I've worked on this show every year since 2003, I get to work with several friends on this show and I don't have to work directly with talent (which can try my patience). I've been going to weekly lectures by Marianne Williamson, and really working hard to implement the things that I'm learning, namely, to rise about the fray and stay above it. I get sick and grumpy every time I do production work (some gigs much more than others), and I don't want to be so easily affected by temporary circumstances. I need to make some money right now so that I can knock out the few debts that I have, and get new headshots that feature my BIG HAIR, which I have finally decided is here to stay for awhile. I'm past the awkward stage and it's actually looking cute these days. PLUS I've finally found a wonderful product that makes my hair behave (well, sort of) and doesn't send my scalp psoriasis into angry eruptions. Color me happy. (Sometimes it's the little things.)

I've been more social than usual, and it has been good for me to get out of my apartment for non-work-related reasons and communicate with people face to face (rather than facebook to facebook or tweet to tweet).  I'm working on ME, y'all.  2010 is going to be great.



P.S. - Here in L.A., TV shows put you "on hold" before booking you. Commercials put you "on avail." I believe different terminology is used on the east coast.


  1. Cute Hair! And congrats on all the auditions!! I'm having difficulty getting out theatrically -- but trying to stay positive. And super happy because just booked my first national commercial (hoping my booking will help me get a commercial agent).
    Let us know the results of the holds, and keep knocking 'em dead :)
    -jenny rich

  2. Whoo-hoo!! Congratulations on booking your first national commercial! I am so happy for you. Definitely use the momentum from this to market yourself to potential agents.

    I went out a lot commercially before I started getting theatrical auditions. The great thing about commercials is that they often pay well enough that you can buy yourself some time (and have some money) to step up your marketing efforts and training if necessary.

    My (virtual) hat is off to you.

    I'm still waiting to find out if I am officially booked on those holds. Will keep ya posted!


  3. My fingers are crossed for you like always, dear Nicole:-) Sooo glad to read your positive energy between the lines! This year is your year and the "holds" will soon be "bookings" - I've no doubt about it!
    Would love to be in L.A. again to share some social life/time again with you:-)

    Keep us updated and rock that cute hair! It looks gorgeous:-)

    Hug&Kiss J


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