Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quick Update...

Hey y'all -

You know that audition I mentioned in my last post? The one that I really wanted to book? Well, I booked it. And it will be my first guest-star television role. Details soon...

I also had an audition for ABC today, and it was solid, but not brilliant (which is what I had hoped it would be).

The thing that has excited me the most this week is something that took a while to realize: instead of working on 2-3 lines, I've been working with whole scenes! I come from a background in the theatre, so I was used to doing entire plays, and handling lots of dialogue. Since I've been working in Hollywood, I've had more dialogue on commercials than on TV shows. I can do more than that. And now, slowly but surely, I am.

And it feels good.

Good night.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! This is awesome news and I'll be happy to read the details once you're able to share.

  2. Congrats, Nicole! So good to read the news!


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