Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I have 3 commercials running! Whoo hooo....

My 3 CenturyLink commercials are running (in 33 states, but they're still considered "national"), my Progressive Insurance spot is running, and my Target commercial just started running.  Also, on a non-commercial related note, the Hallmark movie that I shot early this year aired this weekend, and the episode of "HBO Presents Funny or Die" that I shot in July is slated to air early next year.

I did a search for the Target spot (I haven't seen it on TV yet), and this blog came up first, so I want to thank her by linking to her.

Here's the spot.  It really did make me LOL.  For real.  Hopefully you'll enjoy it too.



  1. You're welcome! Please let me know when the Funny or Die video is up - it's one of my favorite sites :)

  2. you're awesome!!!

  3. YOU are awesome! ;o)

    The project I worked on will air on HBO. I was confused at first too, but there's the "Funny or Die" website AND there's an HBO show called "HBO Presents Funny or Die." I'll let you know when it has an airdate.

  4. That's hilarious - just have to wipe the tears out of my eyes...:-)

  5. Hey Julia -

    I LOVE that the humor translates across the globe! That means that caring moms (and probably some dads) EVERYWHERE are making things for their children that the children are going "um... can we go to he store, please?" Of course we appreciate the effort when we become adults, but then? Nope. Hahahaha!

    That really makes me laugh.

  6. Are you related to actress Verne Watson. She has been acting since the sixties. I saw her recently on a TV commercial and she played Will Smith mom on the fresh prince of belaire.


  7. Hi Phil - We are not related, but I've been told that we look alike. I never agreed until I saw the footage from my Progressive commercial. We actually do look quite similar.


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