Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whose Life Are You Living?

"They" told you to go to school for 12 years and get a formal education.  And you did.  They told you to get into a good college.  And you did.  They told you to get a good job, find a spouse, have some children, wear the right clothes, and hob-nob with the right people.  And you did.

So how's that working for you?

You did everything "right," and yet things are so wrong.

On a good day, your life looks pretty from the outside:

  • Shoes on the right feet

  • Clothes right side out

  • Mask aligned properly

If you stand "just so," your life appears seamless.

But from the inside, the threads are fraying, and the truth is threatening to burst forth, dismantling everything that you have built.  Threatening to topple everything "they" told you would make you happy.

What the hell do "they" know, anyway?  This is YOUR life, and it's time that you live it.

What, really, do you  have to lose?

Let's do this.

Welcome to the Live True Project.




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