Friday, June 24, 2011

You Will Dance One Day.

tiny dancer in pinkEver seen a baby take its first step?  With only a few months' practice at remaining upright (let alone upright on his or her little feet), walking is more than a notion.

First the baby has to see something worth getting to.  And that thing has to be out of reach, but absolutely irresistible.

There is an immediate impulse to drop to the floor and crawl to it, but one of two things happens - either someone holds the baby upright and encourages him or her to walk, or the baby takes a step before it remembers that it has never done this before.

The little feet step a time or two.  Or three.  The body wobbles.  The brain goes "OH NO!" And the baby's be-diapered bum crashes to the floor.  There is a look of surprise.  Sometimes, there are tears, and it may be awhile before there are any more attempts to walk.

But the attempts do come, and, in time, walking takes no thought, and very little effort at all.  There is even running.  And dancing.  Oh, the dancing!

When we start on our path toward our brilliant, shiny, "big picture" (and it must be absolutely irresistible to us), there is encouragement along the way:

a loved one.  a life coach.  a therapist.  a blog post.

And so, we take a step (before we lose our nerve), and then another.

And we fall down.  (wallowing & crying, optional)

And we get up.  (eventually)

And we walk.

And we run.

And we dance to music written only for us.



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