Friday, January 01, 2016


Today feels fresh.

Possibly because the holidays have brought me a lot of down-time lately, which has granted me a reprieve from my usual Tasmanian-devil-like existence of late. Maintaining that hectic pace over the last few years has brought me to this place:

A place of newness. 

I won't be making any proclamations that I'll feel pressured to live up to, because I don't want to view my efforts through the "pass/fail" lens through which I readily view my actions. To have different results, I have to try different things, and I'm willing.

What I WILL say is that I have been spinning in ever-widening circles for too long, and I need to make my orbit a little more intimate in order to be true to me. I've been feeding the voice that shouts and not the one that whispers.

 In 2016, I want more of what replenishes me, and less of what depletes me. And I think, perhaps naively, that my attitude and choices hold the key.  Not "circumstance," but (again) the lens through which I view my circumstances.

I pose the question: "What will happen if I make this year all about operating from my gut and telling my head to ride quietly in the back seat?"  It's more than a little scary - my head has been good to me in a lot of ways, but I need a change.

It could bring the serenity that I seem to always be seeking. Or I could crash and burn. I really don't know. But we'll find out, won't we? Cheers to a year of living dangerously!

 Happy 2016, y'all.


"Nothing happens until something moves." --Albert Einstein

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