Saturday, June 27, 2020

NEW Sister President Trailer!

One of the cool perks of creating a show is being able to put yo MAMA in it!
(How's that for a flex? 😜)

Check out the NEW trailer, featuring my mom,
YouTuber, MzBrazell:

THEN watch the show when I release it on YouTube on July 1, 2020!
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"Sister President" is a comedy about two sisters who find themselves in a complex, unexpected
situation with undesirable consequences for failure. Their answer to the question “Am I my sister’s keeper?” Is a resounding “YES I AM!!” 🙌🏿
Created by: Nicole J. Butler
Director: Joe Camareno
Produced by: Julie Dove
Casting by: Ani Avetyan
Trailer Credits:
Nicole J. Butler - President Shona Washington
Michelle N. Carter - VP Kitara Washington
Byron Marc Newsome - Mike Mobley
Killebrew - Ms. K
MzBrazell - Mama Washington (her YouTube channel is:
Scott Klavan - Willock Boone (Voice)

Video by

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