Friday, November 18, 2005

My first commercial--"Milk"

I got a call on Thursday 11/10 telling me that my fitting would be on Tuesday, 11/15. When I hadn't heard anything by noon on Monday, 11/14, I was panicked. I thought they had decided to kick me out before I even started. I called and spoke to Lisa, my agent's assistant. She told me that this is par for the course. I got a call later telling me I had an audition the next day for Sharpie (I use them all the time, but didn't even know Sharpie had commercials). I got a call at 9PM telling me my fitting would be at noon the next day in Culver City.

I got there, tried on clothes, my "husband" didn't show up (though I was assured that he was cute). I did get to meet a lot of nice people though, including Toccara from America's Next Top Model. She's gorgeous.

Anyhoo, I asked when my shoot was going to be, and was told that it would be on Thursday, and I would get my call time on Wed. I had to be on set at 10AM on Thursday and I tend to get lost so I left home at 8. I got a little lost, but not too badly. The shoot was at a mansion right up the hill from Zuma Beach. The view was breathtaking. I got there and I was sooooooo happy to see that I had my own trailer with my name on it!!! I felt like a star-ruh!! I met my husband (who was quite fine), tried on my wardrobe again, had some alterations, tried it on again, had to change undergarments a couple of times, tried it on again...went to make-up where they waved their magic wands and hooked a sistuh up (thanks Natalie & Dora). I felt like a boo-yah hottie!! ;o)

I rode up to the mansion and was put through my paces (making eye contact with my hubby, holding his hand as I sashayed down the stairs). It was cool--well actually it wasn't. It was hot as hell and since the makeup people had put baby oil on me before I walked out, I was all greasy. They told me not to worry about it as long as the clients didn't complain. I KEPT missing my mark. I asked my husband (whose real name is Dickie) if he had been at this for a while and he said he had shot 9 commercials in the last 10 months. I told him this was my first one and I didn't want to get fired b/c I couldn't hit my mark. He told me I was doing fine. I had already been told that the director, Mike Rolston was a top-notch, world-reknowned photographer and that I should be honored to be shooting with him. I couldn't focus on all of that--I was just trying to follow my directions and hit that friggin' mark at the bottom of the stairs!! The director told me a few times that I had to give him more "happy commercial smile" and less "sultry". Hey, I was feelin' it and was servin' it, lol.

I took some time to look out over the ocean, sit in my trailer, drive along PCH and just realize how blessed I am to have had this experience. I hope it is just the first of many. Of course I took a couple of pictures in front of my trailer to show my mother!!

No time to rest on my laurels...gotta keep the momentum going...

To have what others won't have, you have to do what others won't do. I'm going to keep working. You do the same.



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