Friday, November 18, 2005

So many blessings...

Sometimes things can start out horribly and end wonderfully!! I have been working hard all year to achieve 3 goals: 1.) Get an agent, 2.) Land at least one national commercial, and 3.) Become SAG-eligible. Guess what? All of them have happened. I have an agent (commercial, not theatrical, but I wasn't specific when I set this goal), I landed a national commercial, and I am now SAG-eligible.

How can I make this short? 2 weeks ago my car just stopped responding while I was driving on the 170. $2400 in repairs (mechanic thought I was cute so he knocked it down to $1500), plus some other things were going to go wrong in the (near) future so I traded the car in for a cute little red convertible that makes me feel like a hot tamale. I miss the stick shift, but that's it. Anyway, I had to borrow the money to get my car repaired and I HATE borrowing ANYTHING from anyone.b

I worked as the credential coordinator for an award show. The experience was so awful that I won't even mention which show. In short, I had 6 days to coordinate credentials for 2000 people and the talent team wasn't very cooperative. One morning I went to work at 9AM, worked all day, all night (as in-I didn't go home), all the next day and went home around 11:30PM so tired I might as well have been drunk. It was horrible. I'm still trying to forget about it--just send me my damn check so I can re-pay the money I borrowed to fix my car.

While I was in the midst of HELL (I haven't even told you about the ever-present family drama), I got a call from my agent. I ususally get calls from either his assistant or an intern, so when he began with "you've been with us for a little over a year and haven't booked anything..." I just KNEW he was about to drop me. I felt sick, but jumped in to defend myself "No, I've only been with you since the spring." He looked at my file, saw I was right then told me that I booked a national commercial for "Milk", and that it was union so I would be Taft-Hartleyed into the union. I screamed and told him that I thought he was going to drop me. He laughed, apologized for scaring me and told me that they were happy and proud to be working with me, that I had been professional all the way, and that listening to their suggestions had paid off.


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