Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Two auditions tomorrow...

One for an indie film "Holding Trevor", and the other is a commercial
audition for State Farm. I'm going in for the role of "Police Officer." I
wandered around in Target for about an hour trying to find something
cop-esque to wear (like I need an excuse to wander around in Target). I
finally gave up & decided to wear black pants and a crisp white shirt.
Hopefully I won't look more like an usher than a cop...

Wish a sista luck!

OH YEAH! I almost forgot to mention that I took a belly dance class today &
had a BLAST! I do well with dances that don't require coordination. Thank
God (and my ancestors)for RHYTHM! ;o)

Okay, gotta go iron my shirt for tomorrow (not particularly good at ironing,
so I might be ironing UNTIL tomorrow).



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