Wednesday, June 07, 2006

THREE auditions today...(and a situation)

This morning, while getting ready, I flooded my bathroom (don't ask--really stupid). I didn't have time to clean up the water, so I wedged a bottle of Tilex under the float so the water would stop coming in. I went to the "State Farm" commercial audition w/ Jessica J Casting, then got a call from my agent that I had another audition in an hour and a half. It wasn't far away, but I didn't have the appropriate clothing, so I had to make a Target run (I love Target) and pick up what I needed. I changed in my car and went to the Campbell's Soup audition @ Cocalaca Studios (casting by "Pop Casting"). I was supposed to have a 3rd audition (for the indie film), but I needed to get home and handle my water situation, so I called and asked if I could come in tomorrow (I knew they were doing auditions 2 days). I got home to find that my apt. manager had let himself in and cleaned up the water. the only way he could have known about it is if it was leaking into my downstairs neighbors' apartment. I went to Ralphs and rented a carpet shampooer, and spent about 3 hours shampooing. I don't wear shoes in my apt., so I don't know HOW it got so filthy! Yuck. And I just did the downstairs!!

Anyway, tomorrow I go to the Mac store to learn tips & tricks about iMovie (already figured out how to edit), then I have the indie film audition at 3PM.

Almost forgot: I ran into my "husband" from the Milk commercial. When we shot the commercial in Nov., he told me he had shot 8 commercials this year. Get this: since we shot "Milk," he has done 5 more commercials!! I asked him how I could be down, and he said he was just lucky. Indeed.


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