Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Visa" audition--Shane Casting

I was sitting around my apt. in my underwear being totally lazy when I got a call from my commercial agency. The call came at 11:52AM, and my agent's assistant asked if I could make it to a 12:45 audition. I asked where it was. "1161 N. Las Palmas." I knew I could drive there in time, but I needed a shower, figure out what "upscale, professional, hip" people wear, pick out clothes, iron them if necessary, beat my face, all the while my cockatiel was screaming for no reason at all. Of course there was no doubt that I would make it happen. This is what I do.

I got there with 10 minutes to spare. I looked like a million bucks and felt like it too (in spite of my back/neckache). Parked my car at a meter that wasn't TOO terribly far away, and found a dime in my cupholder. That bought me 24 minutes.

I walked in, saw a room split down the middle--skinny white women on one side, and curly-haired black women on the other. Umm...let's see... (joking). I signed in at the "Visa" board, the assistant took a Polaroid of me (came out cute), and I waited. After a bit, the casting person gave us all instructions. DETAILED instructions. Then he gave us the order in which we would be seen. I was # 5. When it was my turn, I went in and started to sit down he said "on the mark, and slate" My butt was halfway to the chair, but I swooped my hips up in a hurry which threw me off-balance and I almost fell. The guy asked me if I had been drinking. I hope he was joking b/c I said "just a little--it's 6 O'Clock SOMEWHERE!"

I sat and did my thang (like I do) after which he said "Thank you, Nicole. That was really good. I was wondering if I had given the directions incorrectly, but after seeing you--I know I gave the right ones." I hope he didn't say that to ALL the girls. ;o) The callback is Monday, so I guess I'll know tomorrow. And wonder of all wonders, the shoot takes place during the time when I'm supposed to be in Chicago. That's fine, though. I'll work it out b/c this is what I do. ;o)

Then I drove from Hollywood to Reseda for my chiropractic appointment, stopping at Mickey D's for a fry and a Coke (I was really hungry--first I had eaten all day). I either screwed my back and neck up when I was sleeping on the plane on the way back from Orlando, or on the roller coasters in the amusement park), so I got an adjustment, and a massage. I don't usually get massages. This is my first professional massage. My back and neck haven't felt this good in a LONG time. I'll definitely be going back.

Found out my chiropractors' (yes, there are two of them--a husband and wife team) daughter will be moving to Italy for a year. I'm very happy for her. Her mom asked me if I had any interest in going. I've been talking to a couple of friends about going next year. It would be wonderful to go live somewhere else, but I feel like I need to stay here right now, but maybe we'll all go for a visit.

Okay, I'm going to a friends' to watch "Kung Fu Hustle", and I need to shower again b/c the massage left me all greasy. Later.

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