Tuesday, July 11, 2006

HGTV Callback Today...

I went to Weller/ Grossman today for my HGTV callback. I am trying hard not to get too excited, but I would LOVE to host an HGTV show. I met with Robb Weller and Debbie Supnik. I had to "talk myself down" before the audition b/c I was nervous. I had to remind myself to just BE. I'm always going to be a better REAL me than a FAKE somebody else.

I had been told to prepare a one-minute blurb to sell myself, and I did, but I didn't even have to use it. They were so easygoing and nice, and I AM an arts and crafts expert, plus who knows more about me than ME? So I relaxed into it and the audition ran itself.

The next step is to go to network. Cross your fingers... ;o)

If not, there's something better for me. Mr. Weller even joked about creating a beauty show for me (b/c I create my own hair and skin care products from time to time, and have been thinking about creating a whole all-natural skin care line).

We'll see. In the meantime...NEXT! ;o)

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