Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm back...

Had to take a lil break, but I'm back, and excited to market myself in a whole new way...not sure how yet, but I went to a workshop given by Dallas Travers at Actorsite, and got informed, inspired, and empowered. Tomorrow I'll go to Actorsite to hear Stephon Fuller speak. Looking forward to learning some tips from this brutha, who, like I am doing now, built his career brick by brick.

I went to the African Marketplace today. Only bought one thing (some yummy-smelling citrus body butter) b/c I was pretty broke. Got home, and was thinking "It would be wonderful to get another residual check today." Guess what?? YEP! Not a big one, but enough for me to be able to duplicate some headshots, get some new postcards, and go to some CD workshops.

...tell me I'll laugh about this one day!!

(Heck, I can't wait for "one day" I'm laughing now.)

Enjoy the journey, folks!


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