Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sears audition today...

Knocked it out of the park! It was at The Casting CafĂ©, with Lisa Fields. When I was signing in, I saw Kym Whitley’s name right before mine, and I was thinking “I hope they don’t hire just her b/c she’s a name.” (Just HATING, right?) But I had worked on the sides last night and this morning, and felt comfortable with them, so it didn’t rattle my cage. They took a Polaroid of me, I filled out my size card, and they called me right in. I walked in, and Ms. Whitley was sitting there. “Oops, excuse me!” I said to the casting assistant—I thought I had been told to go in too early. He waved me in, and had me read the sides as a voiceover for her while she did her thing. I don’t like to watch other folks audition b/c I don’t want their ‘stuff’ to get stuck in my head and influence the way I work MY mojo. ;o) But I had no choice. She did her thing. Then she left, another actress I see at auditions all over town came in to read for me ( Shonnese C. L. Coleman— good actress), and it was my turn to do my thing. Boy, did I do it. Sometimes it just FEELS very right. The assistant told me repeatedly that I did a great job, and “very nice.” I appreciated that, but even without him saying so, I was on point.

It would be GREAT to book this. But, I’m going to let it go ‘cause it’s out of my hands now. I prepared and performed to the best of my ability. If it’s for me, I’ll get it. NEXT!


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