Sunday, October 01, 2006

4 CDs in one day!

Okay, it wasn't as much work as it sounds like... Yesterday, Actorsite had what is called a "Scene Fiesta" where they bring in a bunch of casting directors at one time, and there were 4 there (the 5th got into a car accident on her way, and didn't make it). So I auditioned for Joey Paul Jensen Casting, John Frank Levey Casting, Scoccimarro/ Marquardt Casting, and McCarthy/ Cuba Casting (sorry, couldn't find a link).

I didn't bring my own scene, so I was given a scene & a partner. I had asked for a dramatic scene and was given a comedic scene that I didn't even like, so I asked for another one. Usually I just take whatever and go with it (hey, I'm an ACTOR, aren't we s'posed t be able to do that?) but I just sooo wasn't feelin' it. I received another scene, also a comedy, but I kept it because my scene partner was starting to look at me sideways. I also wasn't feeling well and wasn't in a great mood, so I had to consider the possibility that it was ME and not the scene that was off.

We worked it, did it, and it felt like it went okay. Not wonderful, just okay. Ugh. I hate "okay."

I came home, watched "Rebel Without A Cause" for the first time ever (never seen James Dean act before), and went to bed. Slept from 5PM-ish last night until 7:45 this morning. I go to the doctor tomorrow (My SAG insurance goes into effect today--YESS!!) so I can get some antibiotics & get rid of this nasty cold I have, once and for all. It's been 2 weeks!!

Hopefully I'll be in a better place in my next post. Pray for a sista!

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