Monday, September 18, 2006

THIS is why I act!!

I went to the play audition today, and felt like I did a very good job. At the end, the 2 women who were doing the casting asked me if I had submitted myself for any of the other roles. I said "no" (in hindsight, the honest answer would have been "I don't remember." and I asked if there were any other roles that they would like me to read for. The woman who was doing most of the talking said there was another role that she wanted to hear me read, but she didn't have the sides. The other woman had the script, so I asked her for the character description: "strong actress, emotionally powerful" (that let me know how they saw me based on my first read--wow!) I asked if I could have a few moments with the script. They joked "no, do it right now!" I said "I'm an actress, I can do that!" (I can, but I'm no fool--I'd rather not.) I stepped outside of the theatre for about 5 minutes to read it and prepare. I went back in, and I blasted 'em with both barrels. Heavy stuff about some girl getting molested (thought she was in a relationship with a grown man) when she was 8, now she's 18 and she's telling the man what he did to her.

I left feeling really good. I always feel better at auditions for theatre than I do for film. I think it's because I'm naturally BIG. Not just size-wise, but emotionally. I laugh loud, I gesture, my facial expressions always give me away...that's me. In film I have to pull it all in, and though it might LOOK real, it feels false. And you do it over and over and over. Didn't I either need to do more work in front of the camera (practice) or I need to go back to theatre. Being in the theatre is like going to church.

It was my 3 minutes, and I loved it. I always do.


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