Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Today made up for yesterday...

Got up early, FOUND the building I was trying to drop to yesterday, so I did drops to Gary Zuckerbrod, Dee Dee Bradley, Monica Swan, and Stacy Levey.

Then I drove to the Black Movie Awards' production office & worked for a few hours.

THEN I drove to the NAACP Image Awards Submissions office, and on my way, stopped by the post office and mailed 60 postcards to CDs, Managers, and a couple of agents on my "wish list". I went on to the NAACP worked the rest of the day, stopping only to check LA Casting, Now Casting, and Actors' Access for breakdowns and submit myself to them. I'm still in the office right now...

Now I get to go home, cook and eat dinner, then do some more work for the BMAs.

Also, I took all of the money out of my checking account to buy gas and CD workshop tickets, which means my car insurance payment will bounce. The bank will pay it, and I'd rather have that happen than not be able to get to my workshops. It's a juggling act sometimes. Most times.

I'll be glad when I get paid.

Bye, y'all.


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