Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Shot yesterday & won today!!

It's late, I'm tired (and a lil' bit tipsy) so I'll keep this short & sweet...

I shot the TBS promo yesterday. It was cool. The director & AD were great to work with, the cast was nice, and for a 13-hour day with my fibromyalgia acting up, it went pretty smoothly. I got to play a lab technician monitoring people's laughter responses as related to their TBS comedy viewing (didja get alla that?) More to come...

I went to the chiropractor this morning b/c a sistuh was HURTIN'! Ya hear me?? I'm sure it's just the way I carry my stress b/c I'm high strung and all, but DAYUM!! My chiropractor is a godsend. I'm not 100% pain-free, but I left feeling a couple of inches taller than when I went in.

Tonight I went to Cinespace (what a cool place) to reception/ event for the finalists in the Axe Black Filmmakers Series. MY FILM WON!! YIPPEE!! Okay, I call it my film because I was in it, but the true winner was Selton Shaw, who directed the film, He won the loot to make it into a feature. It's called "The Let Out Guys." and it's hilarious. I'll include a link soon.

Alright. Bedtime.



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