Friday, October 20, 2006

A good day...

Okay, it started off kinda "iffy." I intended to get up early, go to Burbank to a drop for a project I heard about, then do a drop at UDK in Valley Village, and another one at CBS Radford in Studio City. I woke up late, then puttered around my apartment for too long. My mother called just as I was about to jump in the shower, and I talked to her for about 1/2 hr. I looked up and it was about 11:00, and I had a production meeting with Group 6 at noon. I got ready as quickly as I could, then headed to the meeting. UDK was on the way, and I found a parking spot right down the street, so I ran up and tried to unobtrusively hand the receptionist my pic & res--you know--stick and move, without being disruptive. Plus I was in a hurry. She stopped me and asked who was it for.

Me: "General submission." (Already moving toward the door.)
Her: "Um...let me give you some advice."
Me: (Whirling back around.) "Yes?"
Her: "When you bring in your headshot, have someone in mind otherwise it just ends up in a big pile."
Me: "Okay, thank you. I appreciate that."
Her: "So who's it for?"
Me: "Uh...'What About Brian.'" (She looked at me funny and I realized that was the drop I was going to do earlier in the morning. "No, I mean--'Daybreak.'
Her: "Okay, 'Daybreak'."

I left with the people in my head yelling "ESTUPIDA!"

So I went to what turned out to be a very productive meeting, followed by an audition for AARP. I got there and all of the women were older, so I thought maybe I got called in by mistake, but a couple of women my age showed up. I had to wait about 20 minutes before I was called in, but during that time I felt my purse vibrate--it was my phone. I didn't recognize the phone number, but listened to my message. It was someone from a production company calling to give me my call time for Monday. WHAT?? Call time?? MONDAY?? It HAD to be the TBS spot I was on avail for. I stepped outside to call my agent, but neither he, nor his assistant were available, and the guy answering the phone got snippy with me, so I left a voicemail message, then went back inside to audition.

The casting assistant gave me enough time to practice (lots of text), then had me do my thing. I did it, he said "that was very good," gave me an adjustment, and had me do it again. Afterwards he said "To be honest, that was the best I've seen all day." I (sincerely) thanked him, and left.

Called the production company back, half-expecting to be told that I got the phone call in error. Nope. I was given a call time and address, and told to expect a call from wardrobe. My agent called next & said he had me on his list of calls to make, but the production company just happened to get to me before he did. And "congratulations!"

So it's official. My third national commercial in a year. Cool.

Wouldn't it be something if I booked AARP too?

Never satisfied...


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